--> River City Street Rods - Club Information

River City Street Rods - Club Information

Current Club Officers

Jasper Boyd - President

John Meyer - Vice President

Jim Murphy - Secretary

Kim Boyd - Treasurer


Become a member of the River City Street Rods


Any applicant for membership must attend two meetings and have the sponsorship of at least one active member.

Additional requirements include:

  1. Membership shall be opened to any person, 18 years or older, with an interest in classic and/or street rod vehicles. 

  2. An interest in the purpose of the club shall be the primary reason for membership. 

  3. Members must take an active part in club activities / events by attending a minimum of 2 meetings per year.
  4. Working a RCSR car show would  count towards this requirement.

  5. Member must display good character and have a desire to promote River City Street Rods and their efforts.
  6. Members must promote street rodding in a manner respecting all laws governing such activities

  7. A member having participated in the club for 10 consecutive years may be granted a lifetime membership.

The dues for a lifetime membership shall be a one time only payment of $50.00.


Click here for a list of the River City Street Rods Members.

Click here to view the Bylaws and Constitution of the River City Street Rods


Why "River City" Whats in a name?

Mason City, known for its outstanding musical heritage, was the birthplace of Mason City's "favorite son" Meredith Willson. His crowning achievement was the famous musical "The Music Man" . Many of the ideas in the show were taken from personal experiences during his childhood in Mason City. In that show he coined the name of the town as "River City, Iowa"

Music Man